In 2008, we at Knox Waterloo imagined a place, dedicated to God, in the middle of one of the most dynamic urban areas in all of Canada. A place of inclusivity and belonging, where our God of Love would be honoured and spirituality would be nurtured. We imagined a place lled with light and transparency. By the Grace of God and with the incredible generosity of the people of Knox Waterloo, this place, once imagined, became a reality.

After nearly six years in our new facility, we have grown, we have welcomed many, and the richness of our community is a source of inspiration and hope for many. We have created a bustling centre where families, with all the complexities of life, can find a place to make friends, and be nurtured in their journey of life.

Now we need to invest, to maintain and grow the beautiful home we have created. The single barrier to our continued growth in grace and ministry is our 4 million dollar mortgage. If we can pay down a significant part of this debt, then we can continue to thrive. The “Brightening Our Future” Capital Stewardship Campaign is designed for just that purpose.

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